I like blogs. In this day and age of quick and short messages, I think they still have their place.

Often, when documentation doesn’t cut it, a blog pops up to save my day. Sometimes, those blogs are even from coworkers that had the same problem! I find that fascinating.

To be honest, I tried a bunch of times to have one. So why now? Why again? Well, I was reading Alberto Ruiz’s blog, and I saw he has entries from 2006. I felt sad because I remember writing stuff around that date when I was a teenager, and now (probably for the best) that stuff is lost. But, in ten years, I would love to have things written down with more information than 140 280 characters.

Well, let’s see how it goes.

Oh right! I should migrate old blog posts from previous attempts, but that might take some time as they are, under my current standards, way bad written.