Thursday and Friday were national holidays, so it was a short working week.



There was a new release, but I needed more time to update it. A task for next week!


I updated the Golang package to 1.20.3 in Fedora Rawhide and 38 and Fedora 37 and 36 to 1.19.8.

Package reviews

I reviewed several packages:


I’ve been working for a while now (that’s an understatement) on a port of Delve to PPC64LE. The port is functional, but there are a lot of tests that fail.

I invested a significant amount of time working on the port this week. A few things have changed that made the task harder than it used to be. I used to have a private lab machine for this, but I needed to retire it for technical infrastructure reasons. This difference doesn’t change the workflow, but it did change something I didn’t recall when I started. We use internally a tool named Beaker which allows you to request machines. It’s easy to request machines from the web interface, or if you request the same thing over and over again, like me, you can define the requirements in an XML and run something like this:

bkr job-submit --wait ./machine.xml

I also have a script that allows me to sync my local copy of my code with every single change. After syncing everything for the first time, I ran the test suite and found that 274 tests failed. Which was too much considering that I only had 5 tests with issues. My surprise came when I saw the already fixed test failing. As I did a rebase recently (never again in my life I’ll do a rebase of a pull request this big before fixing every open issue), I thought I screwed it somehow.

After entering panic mode and wasting hours trying to see where I made a mistake, I realized that I was using an old unpatched version of the compiler where the runtime.Breakpoint function triggers a SIGSEGV. So I invested a little time in creating a small script that automatically uses gotip with each new Beaker request.

Unproductive week.

Personal stuff

This week was my birthday. I had a great time having lunch with my family at Ca’l Xabú.


I worked on a new theme for my blog, but it still needs to be finished. I have yet to learn about web design, but it’s fun to step outside your comfort zone and do things.


I started Foundation by Asimov a few months ago, and the first book was terrific, but I got stuck in the second one. I continued reading it, but I’m not enjoying it at all.

Movies and tv shows

I watched The Super Mario Bros Movie and Old. And I enjoyed both a lot.


I finished Kirby’s Return to Dream Land, the game was straightforward, but the additional levels are pretty fun.