This week has been boring. Very little to talk about in the public space. Not every week is a good week.


I am still working on the final notes of a port to PPC64LE. Nothing exciting happened, nor I moved the needle that much.


I started working correctly in a merge between the Go spec files of CentOS Stream 9 and Fedora. The idea is to lower the barrier of working with Go and creating new Go packages by making CentOS and. Therefore, RHEL behaves more similarly to what we do in Fedora. At least for now, the first step is to create just one spec file that builds correctly in both OS.

Personal stuff

I’ve been a little tired this week, so I took the time to rest. Very little reading and watching. More sleep.

Movies and tv shows

Watch すずめの戸締まり (Suzume no tojimari). Really nice movie.