It was a pleasant, productive week. One of those weeks where nothing closed up, but you touched several things that, at least for a little, moved the needle forward in multiple areas.


The Delve maintainers published a new update a few weeks ago, and now Fedora has it. Also, I reviewed two new package requests and worked on merging the RHEL spec file into the Fedora one. The whole idea of this merge is to make ELN builds easy and potentially facilitate the future support of FIPS in Fedora, which means going through the entire spec file and refactoring some parts. It’s not hard per se, but there are many changes and some of the stuff there needs to be updated.


I mainly worked on the Delve port. I started with the configuration of the server for the CI and also worked on fixing a huge mess I had with a rebase. git checkout -p was a necessary but crazy need.


Mark this point.

This task is so challenging that it should be a disclaimer at the beginning of the page. A few weeks ago, I bought an ergonomic keyboard, the ZSA Moonlander. I have been interested in a Kinesis keyboard for years, but the price is insulting. It’s around 800 euros after modifications and taxes. The design is superior to any other ergonomic keyboard (never say never). Instead of risking that amount of money, I spent 400 euros (wouldn’t it be funny not to like it and buy the 800 one?) on the Moonlander. And I have strong mixed feelings. The technical features are impressive. I love that the layout is programmed into the keyboard, which allows you to plug it in and use it without configuring anything in the OS. But, and there is always a but, QWERTY in this keyboard is a nightmare. I never considered switching layouts, if you don’t count that I’ve been using the US keyboard instead of the Spanish one for ten years now, and one hour with the Moonlander made me switch to Colemak, moving from 90 words per minute to 5. This deserves a post.

This leads us to the following topic: i3wm. I’ve been a GNOME user since I joined Red Hat. Before that, like most Linux users, I played with everything under the sun. GNOME 2, KDE 3 & 4, Xfce4, Openbox, Fluxbox, AwesomeWM, DWM, i3wm, etc. GNOME 2 was my first desktop, and since the release of 3, I’ve been complaining about it. But it gets the job done, and joining my team was already wild enough to waste additional time tinkering. I did the right thing, but now was a good time for a change. Apart from the issues with the layout, the way GNOME handles windows makes this keyboard impossible to use. So I switched to i3wm. So far, I feel at home. I’ll write about it too.

Remember the “mark this point” at the beginning of this section? I wrote that with the new keyboard. The rest, including this, with my regular keyboard. Only that section took 1 hour to write.


I didn’t have enough time nor the force of will to read, but it was the Day of The Book in Spain! YAY. I got two books: Discourse on the Method by René Descartes and The Bonfire of the Vanities by Tom Wolfe. I’ll make time for them this week.