These last months, I’ve been disconnected from the world on purpose—more than usual. I’ll share the updates in the next weeknotes post.

The last content update was in April. Two or three weeks ago, I changed the theme to something made by someone else who knows way more than me. Now, I have migrated from the classic static website system to That means very little for the visits because it’s the same Hugo theme and the same content (well, maybe I broke a few links in the migration), but for me, it’s a game-changer. Or that is what I want to believe now that I pay for it.

The platform feels old school, indie if you like. And that’s something I really cherish in this day and age of super cool, flashy, overdesigned websites. It’s not perfect (I had several issues understanding the themes and the features the service has), but the creator feels like a normal, reachable guy. I like that. It uses Hugo (something I didn’t know when I found the platform years ago), which lets me quickly publish from my phone. And it has “fediverse” capabilities like web mentions and ActivityPub. And it has cross-posting without me using IFTTT-like services.

In general, it feels like a good web citizen.

So I guess/hope I’ll write more. Because where is the point of having a blog if you don’t use it?