After several months without writing, I’m here again.

As I clearly don’t remember everything I did these past months, let me go through the most relevant things and then jump into the week.

Long time!

The last time I wrote was the–checks his notes– April 24th. Wow, 178 days ago. Let’s review some stats first, shall we?

$ did --since 2023-04-24 --brief
  • Bugs filed: 1
  • Bugs fixed: 47
  • Bugs commented: 36
  • Bugs subscribed: 8
  • Bugs closed: 24
  • Issues created on GitHub: 4
  • Issues commented on GitHub: 4
  • Pull requests created on GitHub: 4
  • Pull requests commented on GitHub: 3
  • Pull requests reviewed on GitHub: 1
  • Issues created on Pagure: 2
  • Issues closed on Pagure: 1
  • Pull requests created on Fedora: 31
  • Updates created on bodhi: 44
  • Commits made: 165.

Not bad, not bad. It could be better, but not bad (I’m sure I’m not tracking everything).

So I had a pretty robust set of months; I even got recognition at work (I’m not going to enter into details because of private stuff. But it was an unexpected nice thing). It was part of a series of changes I made in my workflow and events that culminated simultaneously. I’ll talk about the changes in my workflow in another post.

  • Fedora: Due to several events, I adopted many packages in Fedora. Currently, I own almost 300 packages. I keep maintaining Go and Delve primarily, but now I also carry several other small Go packages.
  • Delve: My port to PPC64LE was merged!
  • Health: My health went down slightly as my back started to hurt badly. I resumed my training recently and began doing pilates, so I’m back on track, and my back doesn’t hurt anymore. But I was slightly scared of how quickly my health went down the hill. I race a 10k in 3 weeks, so I guess it means I’m okay again.

Now, onto the current week

This week

  • I migrated to, as I explained here. I had yet to learn they support Hugo blogs, and they solved one of my main issues with the blog: writing on the go. It was a no-brainer. It could be better, but I love its indie aspect.
  • SPDX licensing. There’s an ongoing effort to change the naming of the licenses in Fedora ELN. Go and Delve are set. Documentation.
  • CGO calls: I’m starting a project where I need to evaluate the performance of the CGO calls in the Go FIPS fork. This is an entirely new field for me. I had very little time due to internal tasks this week, but at least I have the current benchmarks of some of the cryptographic algorithms. If this ends well, I smell a cool blog post.
  • Go SIG: The bridge between Matrix and the IRC (where the bot for the meetings runs) has been down for a few weeks now, so the meetings have been slightly dry recently. But in general, the community is healthier than ever.
  • Training: I’m a little under the weather (if it’s not flu, I don’t know what it is), so I didn’t run, but I attended my two pilates classes. I hope to squeeze in a short run this weekend.
  • Books: This week has been Dune all the time. I know some people will hate me, but… I do not like the book at all. The writing is horrible. I hope it gets better.

I know this was a chaotic weeknotes post but way better to deliver than keep it laying around, am I right?