Short notes this time, but it is better short than nothing.


I continued working on benchmarking the CGO calls, but suddenly, something shiner popped out that grabbed my attention. When we migrated the Go FIPS fork from Pagure to GitHub, we changed the way it was developed, and we added a CI to check the PRs. But there was a minor limitation: we don’t test it against all of the architectures that we use in RHEL. That wasn’t a problem because we do the tests when we cut a release. But this week, I invested a significant amount of time in changing this. I already have a POC, and I’ll write more about how we’ll do it once it’s deployed.


I’m still reading Dune and listening to The Hobbit. I read it as a kid, but I find the Spanish audio version enjoyable for my long runs.

Next week

I’ll be in Munich, visiting the city (I’m already writing this from the hotel room). The weeknotes will be slightly different, and I’ll try to add pictures.