This was a weird week. I planed to write a daily note of my trip to Munich but I got COVID.



Traveling from Asturias to Munich is quite easy. Nowadays there’s a direct flight to Munich. In less than 3 hours you are already there. Getting out of the Airport in Munich by train is also an easy thing. We arrived late and it was already really dark so we went directly to the hotel room.


We had the whole day to explore the city. I already visited Munich years ago when I joined Red Hat in 2019 but I didn’t have enough time to visit it properly.

But, first things first, coffee. I usually check European Coffee Trip to find nice places when I visit a new city. So our first stop was Bean Batter. After a nice cup of coffee and a waffle, we visited Marienplatz.


Monday was a busy day. I had my first night of fever, so armed with ibuprofen, we visited Dachau in the morning and a tour of the city in the evening. The experience is not easy, and the fever didn’t help. Somehow (given the context) I enjoyed the tour and I encourage anyone to visit the place.

Tuesday & Wednesday

Time for keep visiting the city. No tours. And oh boy I was happy. Fever sky rocketed these days. We visited the Englischer Garten and the Nymphenburg Palace.


We visited Neuschwanstein Castle and Linderhof Palace. While I still had fever, the visit worth the effort totally.


Last day. Free time to visit a little more the city


Back. Nothing much to say apart that I checked if I had COVID and yes. Bingo! First time I catch this.

Next week

Catch up with emails and try to recover. We’ll see what else happens.