This past week has been slow. Half of it was me reading emails after a week of traveling (sometimes I wonder why we take time off), and the other half was COVID recovery.

But let’s jump into what was noteworthy.


Several updates in Go. Fedora 37 is almost EOL (Tue 2023-11-28), and as I did for Fedora 36, I requested FESCo to get approval to bump up from 1.19 to 1.20. So now Fedora 37 and Fedora 38 both have the same Go release. Also, if you are unaware of this, a lovely critical CVE was fixed in Go 1.21.3. Fedora 39 and Rawhide should have this version You can check the release updates here:

Other stuff

Continue reading Dune and listening to The Hobbit while I do chores. I did enjoy The Hobbit back in the day, but I am enjoying the audio version even more. Dune, well, it is getting better (I am almost done with it), but nope, sorry, I think it is an excellent plot with awful writing.

I thought I had recovered from COVID, but I had a 10k race this Sunday and felt it. I do not compete at all; I run for fun, and I think I did it quite nicely. My comparison is always my previous races, and in this case, I did it great. But… I felt the COVID effects and the lack of training over the last two weeks. That was not fun.

Next week

I want to work on a POC to improve the workflow and coverage in the Go FIPS fork and, at the same time, write a blog post about it (which is a critical task I need to finish before next week) so… that will be my main focus. If I have time for whatever reason (I don’t think so), I’ll start a small pet project I am excited about.