I think I migrated my Mastodon account to my page (on purpose).

The why? Not sure. I’m not too fond of cross-posting for some reason, and I am not using successfully social networks. Honestly, Mastodon never hooked me like Twitter did. Which is fine; I was addicted to Twitter. But having a Mastodon account feels a little bit like FOMO.

I guess this migration is a way not to feel 100% isolated from the world. But somehow still be. Be mindfully isolated if that makes sense.

If I understood the documentation correctly, I won’t have boosts, for example, but replies should be integrated. That’s good enough for me.

Edit: oh btw, I imported all the contacts I was following… but I saw several errors in the logs. In any case, I was almost a ghost in Mastodon so I don’t expect much changes.