I find myself with a little bit of time to unwind alone this night and I feel like I should be doing stuff before relaxing.

For once, I am gonna force myself to sit down and play a video game while having a beer.

If I feel like I need to do something else that is not relaxing, it’s a symptom of the need for time off.


I wrote a blog post in the Red Hat Developers blog.

How to improve Go FIPS test coverage with Packit.

🏃early morning run

Bundling Delve on Fedora

TL;DR: Delve now has bundle dependencies. While working on integrating Delve with Packit, I found myself trying to fix some dependencies again. This is not usually a problem, but in some packages, like Delve, the version of the already existing Fedora packages containing the dependencies doesn’t match. Patching tests to adapt them to a different version when the upstream project is active and well-tested sounds like a bad idea. So, I bundled the dependencies.

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This was a book difficult to get. Codes and Ciphers, by Alexander D’Agapeyeff.