Mastodon migration

I think I migrated my Mastodon account to my page (on purpose).

The why? Not sure. I’m not too fond of cross-posting for some reason, and I am not using successfully social networks. Honestly, Mastodon never hooked me like Twitter did. Which is fine; I was addicted to Twitter. But having a Mastodon account feels a little bit like FOMO.

I guess this migration is a way not to feel 100% isolated from the world. But somehow still be. Be mindfully isolated if that makes sense.

If I understood the documentation correctly, I won’t have boosts, for example, but replies should be integrated. That’s good enough for me.

Edit: oh btw, I imported all the contacts I was following… but I saw several errors in the logs. In any case, I was almost a ghost in Mastodon so I don’t expect much changes.

I good reminder about how to set priorities, no matter if you use GTD or not.

Episode #234: Setting Priorities - Getting Things Done®

🍿 Wish (2023). The image is outstanding. The plot is not bad, but nothing special. A nice Disney movie overall.

Just found focus.nvim. It resizes automatically the split views. Which is nice for me because I zoom in and out my terminal constantly.

I’m wondering if I should start writing small posts instead of the weekly notes (I have been busy and didn’t feel like I wanted to write them). Instead of finding the time for a short post about relevant stuff that happened that week, and more often than not, nothing happened, what about writing a small post?

Yes, I am thinking about using as it was designed for.

I recently listened to a talk about tech blogs in WordPress, and the speaker emphasized that long posts are generally more challenging to write and less likely to be helpful.

So, I guess I’ll give it a try soon.

Every single time I take a screenshot, it is because I want to share it. To make things faster, I execute this Python script from my i3 to put it in my recent:/// files without opening it.

The commit

Weeknotes #8

This past week has been slow. Half of it was me reading emails after a week of traveling (sometimes I wonder why we take time off), and the other half was COVID recovery.

But let’s jump into what was noteworthy.


Several updates in Go. Fedora 37 is almost EOL (Tue 2023-11-28), and as I did for Fedora 36, I requested FESCo to get approval to bump up from 1.19 to 1.20. So now Fedora 37 and Fedora 38 both have the same Go release. Also, if you are unaware of this, a lovely critical CVE was fixed in Go 1.21.3. Fedora 39 and Rawhide should have this version You can check the release updates here:

Other stuff

Continue reading Dune and listening to The Hobbit while I do chores. I did enjoy The Hobbit back in the day, but I am enjoying the audio version even more. Dune, well, it is getting better (I am almost done with it), but nope, sorry, I think it is an excellent plot with awful writing.

I thought I had recovered from COVID, but I had a 10k race this Sunday and felt it. I do not compete at all; I run for fun, and I think I did it quite nicely. My comparison is always my previous races, and in this case, I did it great. But… I felt the COVID effects and the lack of training over the last two weeks. That was not fun.

Next week

I want to work on a POC to improve the workflow and coverage in the Go FIPS fork and, at the same time, write a blog post about it (which is a critical task I need to finish before next week) so… that will be my main focus. If I have time for whatever reason (I don’t think so), I’ll start a small pet project I am excited about.

Weeknotes #7: Munich edition

This was a weird week. I planed to write a daily note of my trip to Munich but I got COVID.



Traveling from Asturias to Munich is quite easy. Nowadays there’s a direct flight to Munich. In less than 3 hours you are already there. Getting out of the Airport in Munich by train is also an easy thing. We arrived late and it was already really dark so we went directly to the hotel room.


We had the whole day to explore the city. I already visited Munich years ago when I joined Red Hat in 2019 but I didn’t have enough time to visit it properly.

But, first things first, coffee. I usually check European Coffee Trip to find nice places when I visit a new city. So our first stop was Bean Batter. After a nice cup of coffee and a waffle, we visited Marienplatz.


Monday was a busy day. I had my first night of fever, so armed with ibuprofen, we visited Dachau in the morning and a tour of the city in the evening. The experience is not easy, and the fever didn’t help. Somehow (given the context) I enjoyed the tour and I encourage anyone to visit the place.

Tuesday & Wednesday

Time for keep visiting the city. No tours. And oh boy I was happy. Fever sky rocketed these days. We visited the Englischer Garten and the Nymphenburg Palace.


We visited Neuschwanstein Castle and Linderhof Palace. While I still had fever, the visit worth the effort totally.


Last day. Free time to visit a little more the city


Back. Nothing much to say apart that I checked if I had COVID and yes. Bingo! First time I catch this.

Next week

Catch up with emails and try to recover. We’ll see what else happens.

Weeknotes #6

Short notes this time, but it is better short than nothing.


I continued working on benchmarking the CGO calls, but suddenly, something shiner popped out that grabbed my attention. When we migrated the Go FIPS fork from Pagure to GitHub, we changed the way it was developed, and we added a CI to check the PRs. But there was a minor limitation: we don’t test it against all of the architectures that we use in RHEL. That wasn’t a problem because we do the tests when we cut a release. But this week, I invested a significant amount of time in changing this. I already have a POC, and I’ll write more about how we’ll do it once it’s deployed.


I’m still reading Dune and listening to The Hobbit. I read it as a kid, but I find the Spanish audio version enjoyable for my long runs.

Next week

I’ll be in Munich, visiting the city (I’m already writing this from the hotel room). The weeknotes will be slightly different, and I’ll try to add pictures.

Weeknotes #5

After several months without writing, I’m here again.

As I clearly don’t remember everything I did these past months, let me go through the most relevant things and then jump into the week.

Long time!

The last time I wrote was the–checks his notes– April 24th. Wow, 178 days ago. Let’s review some stats first, shall we?

$ did --since 2023-04-24 --brief
  • Bugs filed: 1
  • Bugs fixed: 47
  • Bugs commented: 36
  • Bugs subscribed: 8
  • Bugs closed: 24
  • Issues created on GitHub: 4
  • Issues commented on GitHub: 4
  • Pull requests created on GitHub: 4
  • Pull requests commented on GitHub: 3
  • Pull requests reviewed on GitHub: 1
  • Issues created on Pagure: 2
  • Issues closed on Pagure: 1
  • Pull requests created on Fedora: 31
  • Updates created on bodhi: 44
  • Commits made: 165.

Not bad, not bad. It could be better, but not bad (I’m sure I’m not tracking everything).

So I had a pretty robust set of months; I even got recognition at work (I’m not going to enter into details because of private stuff. But it was an unexpected nice thing). It was part of a series of changes I made in my workflow and events that culminated simultaneously. I’ll talk about the changes in my workflow in another post.

  • Fedora: Due to several events, I adopted many packages in Fedora. Currently, I own almost 300 packages. I keep maintaining Go and Delve primarily, but now I also carry several other small Go packages.
  • Delve: My port to PPC64LE was merged!
  • Health: My health went down slightly as my back started to hurt badly. I resumed my training recently and began doing pilates, so I’m back on track, and my back doesn’t hurt anymore. But I was slightly scared of how quickly my health went down the hill. I race a 10k in 3 weeks, so I guess it means I’m okay again.

Now, onto the current week

This week

  • I migrated to, as I explained here. I had yet to learn they support Hugo blogs, and they solved one of my main issues with the blog: writing on the go. It was a no-brainer. It could be better, but I love its indie aspect.
  • SPDX licensing. There’s an ongoing effort to change the naming of the licenses in Fedora ELN. Go and Delve are set. Documentation.
  • CGO calls: I’m starting a project where I need to evaluate the performance of the CGO calls in the Go FIPS fork. This is an entirely new field for me. I had very little time due to internal tasks this week, but at least I have the current benchmarks of some of the cryptographic algorithms. If this ends well, I smell a cool blog post.
  • Go SIG: The bridge between Matrix and the IRC (where the bot for the meetings runs) has been down for a few weeks now, so the meetings have been slightly dry recently. But in general, the community is healthier than ever.
  • Training: I’m a little under the weather (if it’s not flu, I don’t know what it is), so I didn’t run, but I attended my two pilates classes. I hope to squeeze in a short run this weekend.
  • Books: This week has been Dune all the time. I know some people will hate me, but… I do not like the book at all. The writing is horrible. I hope it gets better.

I know this was a chaotic weeknotes post but way better to deliver than keep it laying around, am I right?