Hi there! I’m Álex, a fully remote software engineer at Red Hat. Welcome to my small corner on the Interwebs.

Being a remote worker allows me to live in my homeland with my lovely girlfriend, near my parents and friends. It’s something quite important to me.

I mainly work on the Go toolchain and Delve, the standard de facto debugger for Go applications. That also involves working on RHEL, maintaining the FIPS-enabled Go toolchain. I’m also a proud Fedora contributor, where I help keep the Go ecosystem healthy.

Most of my public contributions are on GitHub, GitLab, and Fedora.

Before joining Red Hat in 2019, I worked as a DevOps Engineer and System Administrator at several companies. You can find that information on my LinkedIn page, but keep in mind that I only add people I know. I don’t know who else does this, but I don’t add exciting profiles that might be useful in the future, nor recruiters. Just real people I met somehow. If you know me and use LinkedIn, feel free to reach me there.

Outside work, I usually read novels, play video games, run when I’m not injured, and drink coffee. Wait. I also drink coffee while I work. Well, never mind.

If you want to say hi, do it in the fediverse at @alex@alexsaezm.com. Sounds cool, uh?

You might find me on other platforms like Twitter or Instagram (who knows where else I created an account). Still, I’m avoiding social networks as much as possible, so I won’t see your messages. Please don’t get mad at me.