Finished reading: The Man in the High Castle by Philip K. Dick 📚

I enjoyed it and at the same time, found it not engaging at all. The amount of work the author put into writing fake but plausible historical events where a small deviation from real history changes everything is amazing. That’s a problem also because to appreciate the book you need to know a lot about relevant WWII figures. Somebody didn’t die, someone else didn’t get re-elected, etc.

The biggest problem is the characters. Their stories are just not interesting. Some of them are even infuriating. Juliana is extremely chaotic and don’t get me started with Frank.

People usually complain about the ending but I quite enjoyed it. My only problem is the characters and their stories. The rest? Great.

If you are going to read it because of the TV show, don’t. It has very little to do with it.

Asking ChatGPT for help - Using cups in the kitchen

I don’t understand cups, but I have a set of them. The recipe says 100ml of olive oil, so I asked for help: Conversion Challenge: Cups to Milliliters Analysis: To convert cups to milliliters, we need to understand the volume each cup represents. 1 Cup: Volume: 236.588 ml 1/2 Cup: Volume: 118.294 ml 1/3 Cup: Volume: 78.729 ml 1/4 Cup:

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🏃 Llanera 10k 2024

First race of the year! Official time 50:21 (for some reason my watch tracked 9.95km but it was not an official regulated track so it kinda makes sense with all those hills). Extremely foggy. Extremely hilly. Quite happy with the result. It is my fastest 10k by far. It’s a bummer that I cannot add those 50m so I can see it compared with other races.

🏃 Two races in one day. Personal PR in the first one. Good way to end the year.

Linkblogging · Indie Microblogging

I find this section of the Indie Microblogging book quite interesting. I never stopped to think about the linkblogging format.

Sometimes pages link to an Instagram or a Twitter post and make news from it. And I find that lazy. Because most of them are drama posts or “look what this account did” style of posts.

But the examples linked are quite good and the technical limitations interesting for someone like me that has very little knowledge about “the web”.

P.S: Isn’t it quite meta to talk about link blogging while doing linkblogging?