Shared post - Mozilla 2023 Annual Report: CEO pay skyrockets, while Firefox Marketshare nosedives

Earlier this year, Mozilla laid out their vision for the future of their organization – and it did not include Firefox.  The focus for the future of Mozilla – according to Mozilla – is primarily based around Artificial Intelligence services

I cannot be optimistic about this in any way.

Thunderbird (product that I use daily) is of course not very relevant nowadays. But Firefox? Yeah, small market, but the long standing alternative to business controlled web browsers shouldn’t go away. Should be main priority.

I want to believe they’ll keep it up and running. But I cannot blame them. Nobody cares about web browsers any more.

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Go 1.22 in Fedora 40

If everything goes as planned, Fedora 40 will have Go 1.22. Go 1.22 is planned for February 2024, and Fedora 40 around April 2024. I’ve been doing the Go updates for the past few releases since Go 1.15 in Fedora 33. ~3 years! I just created the wiki page for the proposal. The email thread in the Development list will land soon. And if you are curious, the ongoing PR is here.

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Bash and Toolbox

I don’t do this anymore, as I explain a little down. I use Toolbox a lot, like every single day. And I have a very minimal bash prompt (just $ in green and > in red for PS2). But it is quite hard to tell at a glance if I am inside a Podman container that was created by Toolbox, mostly because the tools I normally use, are there, and it’s my home directory.

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A rabbit hole I didn’t ask for but I’m totally willing to go in: Ishkur’s Guide to Electronic Music 🎵