If everything goes as planned, Fedora 40 will have Go 1.22.

Go 1.22 is planned for February 2024, and Fedora 40 around April 2024.

I’ve been doing the Go updates for the past few releases since Go 1.15 in Fedora 33. ~3 years!

I just created the wiki page for the proposal. The email thread in the Development list will land soon.

And if you are curious, the ongoing PR is here. So far, it has been easy peasy, with no problems at all (knock on wood). I like to use pull request for all my changes, (we are a lot of people making Fedora possible and it brings clarity in the intentions), but for yet-to-be-accepted changes is mandatory, Rawhide won’t have Go 1.22 until is approved by FESCo.

On a side note, there is an ongoing conversation about some defaults we ship in Fedora. In my opinion, the discussion is worth reading (and not because I started it 😅). Participate, please! It’s a small change but quite relevant for the Go users.